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Docsys can use both local and cloud can manage all personal and confidential documents in secure manner.

  • Docsys Features
  • Archive and store the documents in own format without the software can’t open it anywhere and without password also can store the documents and open it through the system.
  • DocsyS can directly communicate with installed scanners.
  • Can search easily based on key words and category and who entry by also
  • System will make predefined folders can make it dynamically
  • It support all kind of documents can store in cloud also
  • Specific user right management system also there.
  • You can track the events and error logs
  • Multi level of user can use it based on separate user id and password.
  • Project Manager
    1. Dash Board
    2. Manage Project Details
    3. Forming the Team Lead and Team Members
    4. Project Cost Details
  • Document Manager
    1. Store Document and Project Related things based on Users
    2. Tracking the Backup and Accessed Histories
  • Task Manager
    1. Dash Board
    2. Assign Task to Team and Individual
    3. Task and Ticket Follow-up
    4. Email communication
    5. Ticketing Systems
  • Portal
    1. Front Office Admin
    2. Password Change
    3. Knowledge box
  • Resource Manager
    1. Employees General and Employment Details
    2. Designation and Department Allocation
  • Finance Manager
  • Credit and Debit Invoices
  • Financial Flow Charts
  • Bills and Expenses
  • Control Panel
  • Company Details
  • Resource allocation Setting
  • Expenses Setting
  • Project Type
  • Functional Team Type
  • Administrator
  • User Registration and Login ID and Encrypted Password Generation
  • Group User Rights Forming
  • Individual User Rights Management
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